Прапануйце свой лот ў падтрымку беларускай культуры
Дзякуй за вашу падтрымку. Разам — ствараем вольную культурную прастору новай Беларусі.
Апісанне лота
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Belarusian Council for Culture is an "extremist formation" now

The team of the Belarusian Council for Culture was proclaimed an "extremist formation" by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus
Supporting independent cultural initiatives
Despite a vivid possibility of repressions, there are artists, who openly state their civic position. They inspire and support the spirit of change and hope among Belarusians. We organize concerts and theatrical shows in Belarus and abroad, produce an online show for children, make documentaries and music videos. You, too, can support the artists.
Supporting repressed artists
We provide direct targeted financial support to the artists and their families, who have experienced repressions.
Counteracting state propaganda
We conduct awareness campaigns among international partners of the state TV channels, who air the recordings of tortures of political prisoners, and spread fake news, meant to discredit the civil society. Among them — a successful #stopBTRC campaign, aimed to block the participation of a Belarusian band, assigned by the state to perform a song, mocking the protests, at the Eurovision contest
Developing a set of reforms
Together with the most outstanding cultural managers, we are preparing a set of reforms and a roadmap for them to be implemented in the new Belarus to stimulate and support the country’s cultural development.
Artists and cultural activists are behind bars on political grounds at the moment.
Artists and cultural activists have been going through repressions since the 2020 elections. We monitor every case of terror.
Artists, repressed for standing up against violence in Belarus, received our targeted support.
People have been repressed by the Lukashenka regime since August 2020
a Belarusian painter, who was killed during the protests
Raman Bandarenka
The money will be passed on directly to the repressed artists
The lots are offered by Belarusian artists. The money goes directly to those in need.
Create something wonderful in support of the people of Belarus
Please use hashtags
Join our social media and share our news
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How you can help
The auction
Express solidarity
Standing with Belarus
The Board
Belarusian Council for Culture is a union of art managers, cultural activists, painters, musicians, poets and all other kinds of artists, creating a progressive cultural policy in Belarus, without terror and repressions.
The Management
Siarhei Budkin
Chief Executive Officer
Alexandr Chahovski
Chief Operations Officer
Nikolai Khalezin
Strategic Development
Photo by Daria Sapranetskaya